Within the Cargo Center complex there is CNG fueling station for natural gas (methane), next to the highway E-75 (A 1), 800 meters from the toll booth – Jagodina. CNG fueling station is designed for:

  • buses (NGV2 adapter);
  • trucks (NGV2 adapter);
  • cars - taxi vehicles (NGV1 adapter);
  • trailers, storages for distant consumers.

CNG station has the capacity of 4 fuel dispensers able to operate at the same time. Engine capacity is 1.500 m3 which makes it most efficient - the fueling time is reduced to 20 minutes for capacity of one truck or bus, which is sufficient for 400 km on a single tank.

We would like to particularly emphasize great advantages of natural gas (methane) compared to liquefied petroleum gas which include its stability, extremely high flash point and the fact that it is lighter than air. Its energy value is 150% higher than that of any conventional fuel while the environmental component is not comparable. Engines are cleaner and therefore more durable.

Address: Italijanska bb, 35000 Jagodina, Srbija
Phone: +381 62 798 204
Working time: 00-24h each day

Gas price: 96,00 RSD/kg

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About Us

Cargo Center is a modern production and service center, unique in this part of Serbia, and strategically positioned at a location that is easily connected with all parts of South-East Europe.

CARGO CENTER is situated in the new industrial zone in Jagodina, only 800m away from Corridor E-75, and is an ideal infrastructure for all international, transportation and logistics companies that want to take full advantage of direct access to E-75 highway (direct flow, lower transmission costs, without truck traffic limitation etc.).


Italijanska bb
35000 Jagodina, Serbia
Phone: +381 62 798 204